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WIP Wednesday!

I’m currently working on my Fish Scale Socks (the pattern is Show-off Stranded Socks, free pattern on Ravelry) and Begonia Swirl Shawl (also a free pattern on Ravelry). The yarn I’m using for the socks is Cascade Heritage Silk Paints, and for the shawl I’m using Manos del Uruguay Fino. I just love that red yarn!

I’m also supposed to be working on my Circle Cardigan (last seen here), but I ran into some gauge related problems in the sleeves, and I needed to take some time off from the project (I have to do some math before I go on, and I’m not good at that stuff at all).



I kind of really want to do a RotE-inspired crochet/knit project in autumn, but I have no idea what to do…I was thinking totes or cushion covers using that scale-mail pattern? A throw would be really neat but I don’t think that would work out well hmmm…maybe a light shrug? Anyone have any ideas (even if they don’t involve scales)?

I have no idea what you could do, but as a beginning knitter myself I vote you share the pattern(s) of what you end up doing! :)

What a great idea! I was thinking about RotE inspired knitting ideas just yesterday (after finishing my Fool’s Fate re-read). I’d like to create a fair isle pattern with dragons and serpents cavorting, something like in the decorations on the Fool’s tent. Another thing that inspires me is the Mountain Kingdom with their colourful woolen designs.

I’m glad there are other RotE inspired knitters and crocheters out there!


I’ve been trying so hard to master Brioche rib in the round, and after thinking I had it 100% down I am noticing that the first stitch is somehow ending up being knit twice as much as the rest, and as much as I try to avoid knitting it every row, it’s still happening.
Its causing ugly bulge in that column of stitches only and holes in the columns of purls next to it.
Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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