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I made some changes to the design of my BInfinity Scarf (it’s a working title) and started over. I made it narrower and reduced the number of eyelet bands to one every 30 rows. I might even finish it in time for Bi Visibility Day, because the yarn is so thick. The yarn is Odin by Viking of Norway, colorway 870, and I’m using 6 mm needles.

I’ll post my pattern notes and instructions when the scarf is finished.

Inspired by the upcoming Bi Visibility Day (Sept 23rd), I’m knitting an infinity scarf in the bi flag colors. The yarn is Odin by Viking of Norway, colorway 870. I came up with the design, and I think I’m going to modify it a bit more, make it narrower and thus longer.

I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it in time for Bi Visibility Day, but with a scarf like this, every day is Bi Visibility Day.


Today, I’m finally doing that photoshoot of my FOs. I’m using my parents’ yard as the location. It’s a beautiful place, and I can work there in peace without people interrupting me with questions.

The photoshoot went well. I got some nice pics of everything, and my sister & mom helped me with a couple of things (I also ended up giving my mom a pair of gloves and a pair of socks). There were some nasty small biting insects there, though, so I had to finish things sooner than I’d have liked.

So, be prepared for a flood of photos in the near future (after I’ve uploaded them on the computer and edited them, of course).

It was nice to photograph things again. I should do it more often.

I had to rip my first attempt at Fleegle’s heel, because the heels turned out too pointy and a bit loose. I followed the instructions for a 60-stitch sock exactly as stated in the instructions, but I think the final stitch count for the gusset was too high for my foot. So, on my second attempt, I did fewer gusset increases, so that there were 54 stitches altogether on the heel needle (instead of 58). I also made the starting point of the heel wider than in the instructions. In the instructions, you mark the middle point of the heel needle, then knit to two stitches beyond the marker, and then do the first decrease. I did the first decrease three stitches after the marker.

The first heel is now done, and I tried it on, and it looks good and fits nicely.

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